Chocolates, Desserts and Sweet Treats



Choose from our wide range of gourmet couverture chocolates.

Chocolate coated Freeze Dried Fruit

Artisan Gourmet Chocolate Range
Chocolate Bark

gift boxes & novelties

Choose from our wide range of gourmet couverture chocolates and fun novelties made from chocolate.

Assorted Gift Boxes
Seasonal Novelties (Valentine’s day, Easter, Christmas)
Fun Chocolate Novelties


Hampers for every budget and every taste. Treat a loved one with a special gift. We offer hampers with and without a bottle of wine, sparkling, red or port. We support a local Australian winery.

Desserts and Sweet Treats

waffles & waffle pops

Indulge in our delicious waffles smothered with chocolate or maple syrup.

Waffle smash
Smash your taste buds out of this world with Waffle, cream, fruit, caramel, chocolate, icecream
Add a shot of coffee $1.50

Waffle pops
Poppy’s signature waffle on a stick are best eaten with a pot of melted chocolate of your choice, so it comes with one!
2 pops $7.00

Waffle classic
Served with whipped cream & maple syrup or melted chocolate

Waffle deluxe
Our classic waffle with added fruit and icecream

other treats

Many people’s sweet treat favorites.

Pancakes served with butter, icecream, cream and maple syrup or melted chocolate of your choice

Regular Stack
3 pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes
2 pancakes

French toast
Artisan bread dipped in egg & cream and pan fried in butter served with maple syrup
2 slices $9.90

Scone, jam & cream
1 scone $5.00
2 scones $9.50

Thick Raisin Toast
With Butter
2 pieces $4.50

Cakes, muffins and sweet treats
Our treats change daily and many are baked or made inhouse. Ask our team what we have on offer or see what tempts you in our cabinet!

Indulge a little more – add some
Seasonal Fruit +$4.90
Icecream +$1.90
Whipped Cream +$1.50
Pot of Chocolate +$3.00