Tasting Chocolate

Tasting Chocolate – Steps to follow when tasting chocolate

1. Allow chocolate to reach room temperature.
2. Place the chocolate in your mouth and enjoy the primary flavours and aromas.
3. Chew the chocolate slowly a few times to release the secondary flavours.
4. Allow the Chocolate to sit above your tongue, at the roof of your mouth, to ensure that you enjoy all the flavours.

Assessing the Quality of Chocolate

When determining the quality of chocolate all of our senses come into play.

Appearance Chocolate should be shiny and smooth.
Smell Chocolate should not smell excessively sweet.
Sound When broken in two, chocolate should make a distinct snap. Chocolate that splinters is too dry and chocolate that is too hard to break is too waxy.
Touch In your mouth, chocolate should feel ultra smooth and not be grainy. Due to its high cocoa butter content, chocolate should melt quite quickly when held in the hand.
Taste Chocolate should be allowed to sit in the mouth so that all the many flavours can be enjoyed.